National Conversation Week: Floating Support Workers Developing Sign Language Skills

Tuesday 20 March 2018

On National Conversation Week we’d like to highlight that Stephanie and Julie, in their role as Floating Support Workers, are currently learning British Sign Language to allow improved communication to take place with people who are deaf.

Julie explained: “The course is a year long and we are due to take exams in May. The course is great fun but not easy at times as there is a lot of signs to remember and some signs are very alike. We have to practice a lot and have found a group that runs once a month on Sunday to use the skills we are developing in additional environment.”

Our Floating Support team assists adults living in their own home to carry out their housing responsibilities as independently as possible by tailoring a programme to suit their individual needs. Therefore developing the ability to communicate in British Sign Language adds another level of bespoke and personal service. The Cedar Foundation embraces the vision of an inclusive society for all and this training supports the delivery of that goal.

Stephanie commented: “This course is giving me confidence to converse in sign language and in turn improves accessibility in the framework of my job as Floating Support Worker. I am delighted to participate in both a professional and personal context.”

Julie added: “Attending this course together is a bonus as we can practice together and support each other which is key in IBSL. The class is made up with people from hearing and non-hearing backgrounds and we have all bonded very well. Being able to sign will now make such a difference to the person we are working with and the service as a whole.”

To access or find out more about our Floating Support Service please click this link to visit our website. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.



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