People at Risk Partnership Agreement

Tuesday 19 December 2017

Following on from a similar local agreement with The Cedar Foundation, earlier in the year with the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service in the Newry and Mourne area, Norma Phillips, Deputy Services Manager (Southern FS Scheme) and Trevor Taylor, Deputy Head of Service (Regional Floating Support), met with the Gerry Lennon, Group Commander (Prevention and Protection) and Catherine Bloomfield, (Partnership/Road Safety Manager (Prevention & Protection).

The meeting was convened and facilitated by the NIFRS, at their Regional Headquarters in Lisburn. The purpose was to explore and agree a regional People at Risk Strategic Agreement between the NIFRS and The Cedar Foundation, in particular, Floating Support, who provide housing related support to adults, some of whom display hoarding behaviours, to enable them to sustain their tenancy.

One important area of support offered to all Floating Support service users is a Home and Fire Safety check. At the meeting, it was agreed by both Cedar and the NIFRS, the offer of such support is vital for many individuals. It was also agreed, whereby Floating Support become aware of hoarding, as a duty of care for service users and to ensure the safety of Fire Service personnel, who may have to attend a fire at such properties, details will be passed onto the NIFRS, as soon as possible.

The People at Risk Partnership Agreement has now been extended regionally and was ratified at the meeting. While primarily, Home and Fire Safety checks are an element of support offered by Floating Support, the agreement is open to use by all Cedar Services, across Northern Ireland. Furthermore, the agreement has scope for the NIFRS to talk to groups to detail how to stay safe from fire in the home.

The agreement will be reviewed after the first year and every three years thereafter.





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