Inclusion Works participants get creative

Friday 11 August 2017

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Service users who participated in our 75th Anniversary Art Class gave feedback to staff that they would like to do something similar again as they had enjoyed it so much. They found the class enjoyable and therapeutic. The Inclusion Works staff team also took on board suggestions about raising service user confidence and level of skill working towards the prospect of participating a public class setting outside of Cedar.

The Inclusion Works staff team ran a twelve-week course with a local company called LLCrafts. A representative from the company commented "Over the twelve weeks participants produced artwork using a variety of art mediums and experienced various art techniques, to create beautiful pieces of artwork they can be very proud of!"

To draw each painting, the students experienced different 'drawing techniques', alternating between 'tracing with carbon paper' and 'tracing with graphite pencil' along with 'free-hand drawing'.
The painting techniques involved combining various painting mediums, such as pen and watercolour paints, watercolour paints & oil pastels and colour pencils.
For cardmaking the students learned about the simplicity of using simple geometric shapes to create decorative images and created beautiful 3D cards using paper, card, pens and colour pencils.

Feedback from this twelve week course included service user comments such as; "I really looked forward to it every week", "I am proud of my pictures", "I enjoyed meeting people", "I am interested in attending an art class in the college".

Inclusion Works is person-centred, encouraging and supporting individuals to design their own programmes around their needs and aspirations, building confidence and independence. Following initial assessments, participants will build an action plan, drawn from a menu of choices to address their personal barriers and agree solutions to meet their employability and inclusion goals. It is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and also all five local Health and Social Care Trusts.

If you require any additional information about how to get involved with the service please contact or 028 9061 2424 or 028 2565 9111

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