Johnny shares his experience of life after Traumatic Brain Injury

Thursday 11 May 2017

Several years ago Johnny Little had a serious accident which caused a traumatic brain injury and left him in a coma. He was then faced with months of intensive rehabilitation where he had to learn to walk, talk and care for himself again. He has made great progress and has now returned to work however there are many challenges which he still faces as a result of his brain injury. This week as part of Action for Brain Injury week he told us how he was keen for others to hear his story to better understand the impact that brian injury has both on the individual and on their family.

Johnny said "my journey back to work was a very difficult one for myself and my wife and children and still is. I focused a lot on returning to work and now realise there is more to life than pushing yourself beyond limits. I have JLdiscovered that a brain injury is for life and it's important to understand that. I have worked really hard to get where I have but it's been a difficult path. I missed my sons birth and the start of his life as well as having to learn to walk talk read write and all the little things we do in life that people take for granted. I have a completely different personality now which has been the hardest thing to deal with for all involved including myself. I can't do the things a person my age should be able too I don't have the quality of life I once had. I have memory problems, severe fatigue and the list goes on! However I am proud that I have achieved my goal of getting back to work, returning was a big thing for me and I did it. I hope if there are others in my circumstances who want to achieve their goals again, whether it's a hobby or work etc., that they don't give up. I'm proof you can achieve when you believe.

I hope my story helps even just one person to not give up as it's so easy to do. There are charities such as Cedar who can help you to achieve these things and employers who are willing to give you a chance like mine, who gave me one."

Cedar's Inclusion Works service supports people with brain injury to improve their employability skills and social inclusion; enter paid employment or voluntary work; and achieve qualifications. It is part funded by the Northern Ireland European Social Fund Programme 2014 – 2020 and the Department for the Economy.

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