Cedar highlights Action for Brain Injury Week

Monday 08 May 2017

Today sees the start of Action on Brain Injury week which runs until the 14th May. At Cedar, we support over 200 children and adults with acquired brain injury across Northern Ireland in our training and employment, community opportunities and housing support services.  In our Inclusion Works service in particular, we have a developed a specialism in supporting adults to return to work and training post injury. We do this in partnership with all five Health & Social Care Trusts, supported by funding from the European Social Fun and the Disablement Advisory Service.

This week we want to highlight the hidden disability aspect of living with Brain Injury and how this impacts on return to work.  In Cedar we have a lot of expertise in understanding the key barriers an individual faces in returning to work and have worked with individuals to see how it affects them personally.  We then work with the employer and the employee together to build strategies around the things that are causing the problems.Know the RISKS

This will include managing fatigue, memory difficulties, challenges with planning and self-organisation.  We need employers on board with us to give people the opportunity to work out what they can do in the workplace and to learn strategies to get around the things that are now difficult post-injury. 

For example someone who has real difficulties in managing fatigue could be misunderstood as being lazy or disinterested.  We can help co-workers and employers to understand this and suggest simple solutions, such as short, regular breaks to allow the person with brain injury to be productive in the work place.

Traumatic Brain Injury is a sudden event that can change a person’s life completely.  If you have had a blow to the head, it is so important to respond quickly – Know the RISKS. We have also joined forces with some of the other leading organisations to relaunch the 'Mild Brain Injury - Know the R.I.S.K.S' app which was developed to help raise awareness of what to do after a mild brain injury:

R- Rest

I – Inform friends & family

S – Signs & symptoms, be aware of what to look out for

K – Know what to do if you spot the symptoms of brain injury

S – Seek medical advice

To download the app for iPhone search for R.I.S.K.S in the App Store. If you have had a more serious Traumatic Brain Injury there are also dedicated services in Northern Ireland to help you manage the journey to recovery and information is available in the App. For more information on Cedar's services check out our 'Find a Service' page or contact bis@cedar-foundation.org

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