On Yer Bike's Specialised Equipment

On Yer Bike's specialised equipment allows people with mobility and visual impairments to enjoy and confidently participate in cycling. Here are some of our bikes.

GC Delta Semi-Recumbent Trike
GC Delta Semi-Recumbent TrikeThe GC Delta recumbent trike is designed to be suitable for the use of people with a wide range of disabiliies - but can also be used by folks without disabilities. It has a low riding position, a wide supportive seat and a pedalling position which is significantly more 'laid-back' than a standard upright tricycle. It's a much more comfortable riding position and the low centre of gravity delivers superior stability.


GC Dexter 24
GC Dexter 24The Dexter hand cycle is designed to offer good all round performance at a great price. It's perfect for general use, for fitness and leisure. An optional rear basket will carry a fair bit of shopping too. It'll deliver a great aerobic work-out.


Pashley Tri-1 Fixed folding tricycle
Pashley Tri-1 Fixed folding tricycleThe Tri-1 Fixed wheel tricycle is a special, disability specific, version of the Tri-1 7spd with a single, low, fixed gear. 'Fixed gear, or 'fixed wheel' is a transmission (sprocket, chain, cranks and pedals) which turns when the wheels turn. It has multiple benefits including the effect of limiting the top speed. It also helps - by virtue of using the rider's momentum - to overcome the difficulty that some folks have of powering the pedals over 'top dead centre', and has the added fun feature of being able to pedal backwards!


GC Roam TwinBike sociable tandem quad
GC Roam TwinBike sociable tandem quadThis sociable tandem quadricycle is manufactured by respected Dutch manufacturer ROAM to our own specification - it represents a significant upgrade from the standard machine - including front drum brakes, self-sealing tubes, Schraeder valves, and a few key design changes to the controls, the frame and the seat which makes it easier to park and safer in use.