Good practice
Image of Theatre Group.The theatrical approach to learning and its connection with vocational, key and digital skills and competences fits the need of younger learners (digital natives) and represents an effective methodology to avoid the dropping out phenomenon. The theatrical methodology can be applied to several branch of knowledge and it is especially useful to support learners in acquiring language, key, transversal and vocational competences and skills. The methodology based on theatre is particularly useful for young learners at risk of drop out from educational and initial vocational pathways.

Target group
Young people at risk of drop out in initial vocational and educational training.
Operators and training involved in IVET

Theatre participants mirroring each other.Main objectives

  • Transfer and improve the good practice thanks to the European partnership
  • Reduce the dropout phenomenon allowing young people at risk of drop out to become key actors in learning activities
  • Increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning of vocational contents through a
  • methodological approach based on learning by art, team work, personal development and collaborative and cooperative learning
  • Spread the synergic use of ICT and theatrical methodology for the acquisition of vocational and life skills


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