Cedar has been a partner in "Sport+4All - Active and Included" from January 2015 through to June 2016. This is a European Erasmus+ project involving 6 other partner organisations from Italy, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain. pic 1

The project ran from January 2015 through to June 2016
Sport is one of the most important determinants of health and wellbeing in modern society and can make a major contribution to the reduction and prevention of a number of serious health conditions. While non-participation in sport and physical activity is major issue for all citizens across Europe, it is even more significant for people with disabilities for whom participation rates are markedly lower still. Many studies and research have shown that people with disabilities have fewer opportunities to participate in physical activity and sport programmes.

pic 2Seven disability and rehabilitation centres, with experience of service provision for people with disabilities came together to develop Sport+4All to increase the quality of the physical activity and sport provision for their service users and to contribute to the inclusion of people with disabilities in mainstream sports activities.pic 4

Having established the partnership and agreed the project goals a series of bench learning workshops were carried out hosted by each of the partners in their home cities. Alongside this, each organisation developed and ran a specific sporting project with their service users. These contributed to the project research and discussion and helped to identify key success factors and results.pic 3

A Sport+4ALL Handbook has been produced detailing project design, objectives and outcomes. This includes information on the key success factors which have been identified for creating an inclusive environment for people with disabilities and examples of the key results that involvement in sport and physical activity can lead to for people with disabilities.
The Handbook along with other project outputs are available in the related publications on this page.
Further information can be found at the project website:


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